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Chaos Rising
The Erstallius Chronicles, Volume One


When a mining colony is destroyed the most powerful clans in the district prepare for war. The peace fostered by the Merchant Alliance of Great Clans crumbles.
Clan Erstallius is blamed for the attack. Faced with annihilation, Arlud Erstallius flees on a journey across the inhabited worlds to uncover the truth, and discovers a threat more powerful than all the clans combined.

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"A compelling, complex, and cinematic work of science fiction with plenty of chilling psychological undertones and all-out action scenes." - K.C. Finn

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"If you enjoy complex, well-developed science fiction novels, you’ll want to check out Blackwell’s book. I loved how this adventure takes the reader to many new destinations full of diverse cultures, vivid landscapes, and honored pasts." - Erin Dydek  

"It was well-written and I enjoyed how the story flowed smoothly at a good pace. The characters in the story were strong, complex and likeable, and I truly rooted for them from beginning to end."  - Leah Gonzalez

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Blackwell excels at characterization and vivid portrayals of each scene. Chaos Rising is edgy, clever, and layered. It kept me glued to its pages. - Lit Amiri

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