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Chaos Rising:
The Erstallius Chronicles,Volume One

A Novel

When a mining colony is destroyed the most powerful clans in the district prepare for war. The peace fostered by the Merchant Alliance of Great Clans crumbles.
Clan Erstallius is blamed for the attack. Faced with annihilation, Arlud Erstallius flees on a journey across the inhabited worlds to uncover the truth, and discovers a threat more powerful than all the clans combined.

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The Rhysu Alternative:
The Erstallius Chronicles,Volume Two

A Novel

As Bev adapts to her new existence and plans an escape from confinement, Arlud struggles with the only path forward to save the inhabited worlds. Their mental connection across dimensions fuels their hope, as the reality of a complete civil collapse looms closer.

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Lawless Tradition:
God's Victory Despite Christendom's Failure

A Non-Fiction Analysis

Lawless Tradition reveals the concepts that have corrupted the biblical perception of God. The first section discusses culture and the language of translation. The second examines the theology of each New Testament author. Lawless Tradition removes the veil of pagan theology from the biblical narrative.

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