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Chaos Rising:
The Erstallius Chronicles, Volume One

"A compelling, complex, and cinematic work of science fiction with plenty of chilling psychological undertones and all-out action scenes." - K.C. Finn

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"If you enjoy complex, well-developed science fiction novels, you’ll want to check out Blackwell’s book. I loved how this adventure takes the reader to many new destinations full of diverse cultures, vivid landscapes, and honored pasts." - Erin Dydek  

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"It was well-written and I enjoyed how the story flowed smoothly at a good pace. The characters in the story were strong, complex and likeable, and I truly rooted for them from beginning to end."  - Leah Gonzalez

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Blackwell excels at characterization and vivid portrayals of each scene. Chaos Rising is edgy, clever, and layered. It kept me glued to its pages. - Lit Amiri

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The Rhysu Alternative:
The Erstallius Chronicles, Volume Two

"I already had high expectations before starting The Rhysu Alternative. I was expecting the same level of intricate plot, smart characters, and impressive narrative. I was completely surprised when P.D. Blackwell exceeded all of my expectations and gave me a lot more." - Rabia Tanveer

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"Author P. D. Blackwell presents a worthy sequel after the excellent worldbuilding and complex emotional dynamics of the first foray into this incredible universe. After what Bev went through in the opening novel, I thought it would be hard to top, but her journey of empowerment in her new situation was really inspiring." - K.C. Finn

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"Blackwell creates conflict at multiple levels without taking away from the story the balance it deserves. The crisp prose is enriched by the engaging dialogues, but the strength of the narrative lies in the author’s expert handling of plot points and the conflict which escalates to an explosive climax." - Romuald Dzemo

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Lawless Tradition:
God's Victory Despite Christendom's Failure

"Lawless Tradition is a tour de force with an engaging literary style that educates the reader along the journey." - Kimberly Vargas, Award Winning Author

"Lawless Tradition is a book of divine wisdom, understanding, and discovery. A guide to help true Christians better understand God." - Anthionette Ejimofor

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"The amount of study and preparation put into this work is evident and instills in the reader a fair amount of confidence in the authenticity of this book. Nothing is pulled out of thin air; everything is backed up with evidence." - Nzube Chizoba Okeke

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This is a solid book with so much scriptural backing and commentary from theologians to support its interpretations that it cannot be reasonably ignored. Very highly recommended. - Asher Syed

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P. D. Blackwell takes a deep dive into word meanings and cultural context . . . Explaining in easy-to-understand terms how to develop a first century understanding, Blackwell leads to a logical conclusion. - Philip Van Heusen

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